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Dr. Julie Lynn
group coaching

Group Coaching





I'm a health empowerment and embodiment coach. Inspirational inner healer and I empower women suffering from chronic health issues experience true wellness by healing from within.  


My INWARD method 


The INWARD method is unique because I integrate modern science with ancient healing wisdom so you can live in alignment and enjoy symptom freedom.   


My clients accomplish this by:

I- Identify symptom triggers by using symptoms as guides to get to the root of the problem.

N- Nourish your body with the zened-based nutrition plan.

W- Work with your body's natural rhythms and the seasons

A- Adopt self-love routines as part of your spiritual practice. 

R- Reclaim your power over your health.

D- Decrease symptoms and co~create wellness from soul every day.

If you suffer from:

Joint pain

Back pain

Muscle aches and swelling

Problems sleeping


The loss of flexibility and stamina

Mood swings such as anxiety, irritability, and depression


Trouble concentrating

Afternoon crashes

GI issues 

stomach pain after eating



Or do you have a chronic pain condition such as:

Chronic pain syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome





Autoimmune disorders


Oxidative stress

Digestive issues

Chronic disease  

Among others…..


If you said yes to any of these symptoms or conditions, then your time to truly heal is now!!!

What makes this a one-of-a-kind program, is that you will not only be getting the expertise of an integrative functional practitioner but also the support a mindset coach, spiritual guide, nutrition support, and a reiki healer all in one program. 

This is a year experience that includes peer support via our provide Facebook page. 


Here's what you get:

Weekly video lessons  

Recipe guides 

PDF downloads

Access to the Facebook group for additional support 

1 Q and A call per week in the group

1 Intuitive embodiment call per month in the group

Nutrition/supplement recommendations

Interactive portal access 

and much, much more...   








One-on-One Private Sessions 

Lab Interpretation

One of the first steps in the INWARD healing Method is identifying your triggers. Lab interpretation is a great way to understand the root cause of your worst symptoms so you can take action to achieve symptom freedom, improve energy and get back to feeling like yourself again. 


During your first 90-minute session, I will explain what your lab results actually say and help you identify possible ROOT causes of your symptoms. 


Second, I will make recommendations based on your CBC that will help you immediately minimize your symptoms.


Finally, I will answer any questions and schedule your next follow-up visit.


This program includes:

(2) 90-minute calls (Initial and (1) 60-90 day follow up)

Chat support via the Practice Better platform 


You may not need a repeat CBC if you had a CBC with Differential in the last 6 months. This helps save you time and money. If you have not had a CBC with Differential in the last 6 months, you can reach out to me for information on how to get labs before you schedule this call. 


The CBC can be an insightful tool to understand what's causing an imbalance in your body that could be the root cause of what has made you feel sick and tired or just run down for so long. 


Your body could be fighting off an infection, virus, bacteria, or parasite, which the CBC can help identify. The CBC can also determine if you are experiencing an autoimmune flare-up. 


You may even be able to identify food sensitivities with your lab results. 


By identifying if you are experiencing an infection, virus, bacterial infection, parasite, or autoimmune flare, you can take action NOW. 


If you have been experiencing chronic: 


Chronic fatigue

Chronic pain

Chronic inflammation 

Depressed mood

Autoimmune diagnosis 

Poor gut health 

Poor digestion 

Abdominal pain

Or any chronic symptoms, a CBC analysis by an integrative function practitioner might be the missing link between your chronic symptoms and taking back your health. 


I look forward to co-creating wellness with you!


Dr. Julie Lynn






Healing from within 12-Week Private Coaching Program

This is a deep dive into understanding your signs and symptoms. 

Reconnecting with oneself is part of the healing journey that is Offen overlooked.

During our time together you will learn to listen to your body, work with your unique rhythms, how to nourish your body and adopt self-love rituals as a part of your spiritual practice.

What makes this program unique is the empowerment that comes with understanding your body and deepening the connection with oneself. 

Our health journeys are our own. We can't speed them up for we will lose out on the lessons along the way.


What you get is 6 sessions in the 12 week we work together. 


The first session we will talk about the test recommendations based on symptoms and past medical history. 


The second session we will come up with recommendations based on your test results. 


The rest of the visits will be for follow up and to adjust your plan as needed. 


You will have access to videos. to help empower you along the way. 

Let's co~create wellness from soul together. 



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