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Dr. Julie Lynn Derwart-Reh has a Ph.D. Integrative Medicine and is working on a second PhD. in Public Health with a focus in Community Health Education at Walden. She also has a Master’s in Public Health and a bachelor’s degree in the Science of Nutrition Science.

Her certifications include Reiki 2, CHES, CNWC, IFNCP, MBC, LM, CPM. 



I have made it my mission to empower and inspire women experiencing chronic health issues to reconnect with their inner health wisdom and deepen the connection with their mind, body, spirit, and soul for lasting transformation. 


It's my vision that all women will understand their power over their health and become a strong advocate for their healthcare needs.

All women will learn how to use their symptoms to identify pain triggers for better symptom control.


Understand their unique body rhythms and how-to live-in alignment and flow every day, while develop a spiritual practice that supports healing for profound transformation and aligned healing. 

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